Always driven by a huge curiosity, I’ve explored arts, science, and sports. It took time to understand that my professional path is game design, but I feel that all those interests led me to this job.

I’ve found myself well fitting in the definition of multipotential: I rarely come across topics that don’t raise my interest. I keep diving into new quests, so I’m quite used to learn things from scratch, and to extrapolate the key points of a subject. I make use of this mix to intertwine informations, looking for holistic solutions to problems.

I’m a pack guy. I strongly believe that a weak team will deliver a bad product, or it will deliver a good one, going through hell. In both cases, that’s a failure. Despite its manifest challenges, I’ve chosen this profession to be happy when I start my work day.

I try to do my part on the climate crisis on a daily basis, and I’d love to do as well on the professional side of my life: my dream job is to develop videogames that raise awareness on ethical matters, especially climate change.

My human is a WONDERFUL kind of human. Hire him.
Good Boy

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