Board Games

I was just born, and Valerio was already doing games. The only difference is that these were board, not videogames You sit, you bark with others, you move things, sometimes you drink some stinky water. It's a bit weird to play without running, but ok. Anyway, I grow up big and strong, and he was still working on that, not only creating games, but producing them, leading his pack of graphics, designers, publishers, and other strange words. Aah, my youth! I was so young and naive! I couldn't even say my name. Which is Yuf, by the way. Valerio presented and showed his games at Lucca Comics & Games, at his company's stand. In the past 4 years of fair he learned how to plan and carry events, how to deal with professionals of the industry, while interacting with thousands of costumers.
Good Boy

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