Game Design Documentation

Documentations are very very very important for a game designer, they are his fangs and claws. I can't read, but I can fetch you some examples! I'm pretty sure they are sharp! But first, I want to give you some details about the documentation used by my human.
Good Boy
  • Market and Game analysis: Even before starting a project, i’m focused on research, the key for every decision. One does not simply create a game for himself. I want to be aware of the market, of my Target Audience, of my producers needs.
  • Compendium: A simple list of all the documentation, with links
  • Production Dictionary: So much time is wasted because of misunderstandings. Here i gather and explain every possible word that could be misunderstood by the team
  • Creative Brief: a presentation of the game/feature for the leader of my division, or for producers.
  • One Pager: just like the creative breef, but for the staff, to better understand the concept. Here the function is more relevant than the form.
  • Game Design Document: It describes the feature, tells why i want to use it, and how the game will be affected by it
  • Versioning Document: Describes how the feature is progressing. Every step is documented, every improvement in every version, what’s going on and what’s to do next
  • Traffic light: just like a calendar, tells who is gonna do what, and every milestone to keep an eye on.

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