Game Design Documentation

Documentations are very very very important for a game designer, they are his fangs and claws. I can't read, but I can fetch you some examples! I'm pretty sure they are sharp! But first, I want to give you some details about the documentation used by my human.
Good Boy
  • Market and Game analysis: Even before starting a project, I’m focused on research, the key for every decision. One does not simply create a game for himself. I want to be aware of the market, of my Target Audience, of my producers needs.
  • Compendium: A simple list of all the documentation, with links
  • Production Dictionary: So much time is wasted because of misunderstandings. Here i gather and explain every possible word that could be misunderstood by the team
  • Creative Brief: a presentation of the game/feature for the leader of my division, or for producers.
  • One Pager: just like the creative brief, but for the staff, to better understand the concept. Here the function is more relevant than the form.
  • Game Design Document: It describes the feature, tells why we want to use it, and how the game will be affected by it. It’s the core reference for all the other departments involved in implementing the feature.
  • Versioning Document: Describes how the feature is progressing. Every step is documented, every improvement in every version, what’s going on and what’s to do next
  • Traffic light: just like a calendar, tells who is going to do what, and every milestone to keep an eye on.

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