Sept. 2020 – Nov. 2022 (Steam relese)

Narrative Designer

1 Game Designer
1 Level Designer
1 Narrative Designer
1 Programmer
2 3D Artists
1 Sound Designer & Composer

Unreal Engine 

A sci-fi exploration game with a complex ecosystem and a photography mechanic that integrated photography principles. I’ve written lore, story, and designed the flow of the narrative content. I’ve edited the tutorial and the dialogues in engine, following these principles:
  • The narrative unfolds with the gameplay: This is a game about exploring, learning the ecosystem and taking pictures. So these are the ways in which the story is revealed
  • Emotions and Motivations assonance between player and the avatar: Both are driven by the same motivations: discovery of the world around them and self-expression through the art of photography
Yes, we go out! So many scents here. Still, let me get this straight: you study the behavior of an animal, you follow it, you chase it, and after all that you stare it down and let it go? Not even a little nibble from time to time?
Good Boy

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